AMC Theatres


AMC Theatres is one of the largest movie chains in North America and is known for providing one of the best movie-going experiences around. They recently underwent a major rebrand. They needed a rethought strategy for their online presence as well as an improved site that would better reach and serve their audiences.

The Four T’s

During the research phase of the project, I worked with the AMC team to determine the most important aspects of the redesign. We decided that their new website should seamlessly inform visitors of what they called “the four T’s”: titles, theatres, times, and tickets. The new site successfully weaves together a wide selection of films; a choice of diverse theatres providing amazing theatre-going experiences; clear and easy-to-find showtimes; and finally, a way to move visitors comfortably into the ticket purchasing process.

Project Details
Role: Creative Director, Designer
Year: 2012
Studio: Happy Cog