ASU: Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

It Starts With Teachers

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University required a new site to represent their status as an elite school for educating future teachers. Evolving technology had changed the needs of their audience and the new site had to serve, for example, those looking for information about degree programs on phones or course descriptions on a tablet. I defined a process that brought a responsive approach to every phase of the project, and I designed a system that would allow those at MLFTC to manage, curate, and extend their content over time.

HTML Wireframes

I lead the prototyping of the new site using HTML wireframes rather than more traditional paper wireframing tools. Using HTML allowed us to explore responsive layouts of content and the hierarchy of more pages in less time than would be possible using a more traditional approach.

Are you a sibling or a cousin?

ASU has a well-defined brand and identity. Less clear to me was how the brand would adapt to fit a college like MLFTC, an entity existing within the University. I worked with the MLFTC team to identify their relationship to the parent brand by asking questions like, "Are you a child of ASU? Are you a sibling? Are you a cousin?" Using these types of familiar relationships as metaphors gave me an understanding of where I could extend the established ASU brand to suit the college‘s needs. I used the information culled from this research to explore design with Style Tiles.


MLFTC offers their students a choice of many different pathways to a career during their educational experience. Some of these routes are more complex, and some overlap making the information dense and hard to understand. In order to engage students with these choices in a engaging and streamlined manner, I worked with illustrator Troy Cummings to present their options through an illustrated timeline.

Project Details
Role: Creative Director, Designer
Year: 2012
Studio: Happy Cog